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12 de junio de 2012

Vintage 40s


 George Platt Lynes






Singer 1940

German Soldiers 1940s


Natchez, Mississippi 1940

Storefront in Salem, Illinois in 1940

German soldiers in Egypt 1940s

British submariners sun treatment 1940s

German Soldiers 1940s

Germans 1940s

Workers lined up on payday to receive their checks 1940

Morehead, Kentucky, 1940

Tennessee corn Workers 1940s

Marriage Ceremony 1940s

French soldiers 1940s

Wartime sexhibition 1940s

Prisoners 1940s


28th Battalion, New Zealand Army,Maori Battalion, performing a haka in Egypt, 1941

Tobacco shed near Greenfield, Connecticut by John Collier jr 1941
John Collier jr

American photographer born in 1913
Leonard Gagnon, acadian farmer by john collier jr. 

Yale Swim Team, 1941

Chain Gang in rural Georgia in 1941


 A couple walking along the snow covered road. Maine 1942

Black Man working on the Railroad. He is carrying a railroad tie for a new track being laid. 1942 by Howard Liberman

 Howard Liberman

Howard Liberman 1943
Crewmen relaxing aboard the USS Albermarle (AV-5), February 1944 by Howard Liberman

Grand Espresso machine in a New York coffee shop 1942

A Japanese-American business in San Francisco, California 1942

Edmund Dresner and other Jewish refugees in Vevey, Switzerland, 1942


Arksansas guy camping by the river 1943

U.S. Army Machinists. New Guinea 1943 

Royal Marines circa 1943

Gerald Ford, circa 1943

Bus terminal Memphis Tennessee 1943

Subway entrance New York 1943

Train station in Albuquerque 1943


Missouri 1945

An american soldier fighting at the Battle of Okinawa 1945

The United States dropped the second atomic bomb, Fat Man, on the city of Nagasaki 1945

Bathing in a bomb crater in Okinawa 1945

Bill Harris in 1945 by George Platt Lynes


Bohn flying wing by Radebaugh 1947 

Dodgers Spring training 1948

Winter night in NYC 1948

Summer stock 1949

Retro world
Savage america

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