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4 de octubre de 2012

10's Vintage

Cowboy riding a bucking bronco in Wyoming 1911

Second decade of XX century

Cigar store in Buffalo, New York 1911

Peddlers; shoe shine. Sept. 13, 1911

 Titanic 1911


Totem baseball 1911

New York's Fifth Avenue in 1911


Harley Davidson, American speed roller skater, 1912

Dumping Mail From Train by Harris and Ewing 1912


Hupp Auto Railway Service by Harris and Ewing 1912

Houdini in Water Torture Cell, circa 1912

Mailbags Waiting for Train in 1912 by Harris and Ewing

George knock out Brown 1912

Hupp Auto Railway Service by Harris amd Ewing 1912

Mexican Emigrant entering the United States near Nuevo Laredo, in 1912

Capitol to Senate Monorail System in 1912 by Harris and Ewing

Old Government Truck in 1912 by Harris and Ewing 

Wagon Stuck on Bad Road in 1912 by Harris and Ewing

Bacteriology in 1912 by Harris and Ewing

 The Titanic 1912

Image of Titanic survivors on way to rescue ship Carpathia in 1912

On the deck of the Carpathia. The Carpathia was the ship that rescued the survivors of the titanic  1912 

Photo of Crowd awaiting TITANIC survivors  1912

Panellinios Gymnasticos Syllogos 1912

San Francisco 1912

Long Beach water polo team 1912 

Seattle Potlatch Parade, 1912

Indian man stringing his bow 1913



The Woolworth Skyscraper 1913


Woman Spinning at Wheel in 1913 by Harris and Ewing


View of Ellis Island, N.Y., looking across water toward immigration station 1913





Two buses in New York City 1913


Dead bodies, Monroe St. fire, New York City 1913

Russian Royal Family about 1913

Indianapolis 500. 1913

Strikes Street Cars, Cincinnati O. May 20, 1913

Paparazzi Photographers 1913

Victor Delamarre, the Strongest Man of his Time 1914

Lusitania, 1907 1914, New York City view of bow with tugs, 6 March 1914


23 men posed outside Yukon Gold Co. Dawson, 1914

Rural Mail Delivery 1914

La Guaira. Plaza Vargas. 1914. Venezuela

A line of taxis parked in front of Union Station Washington DC in 1914

Suffrage Parade in Washington DC 1914


Depositors at failed bank, L.W. Schwenk, 7th St. & Ave. A, New York City in 1914 

Robert Flynn Johnson, Francia 1915

Gold mined in one day in 1915 by Lomen Bros

Native American man near a recording or playback device 1915

7th Ave. subway cave 1915

Cropsey Knecht and Wheatley 1915

 German soldiers 1915

Men in bread line on 41st St., New York City 1915


T.V.R.R. Bridge, head of Fox Gulch 1916

Mr. Johnson holding stalks of timothy 1916

Gold in pan in 1916 Alaska

A prospector panning for gold. The man can be seen next to his dog in 1916

Washing gold 1916 

Treadwell Gold Mine five hundred feet under the ocean 1916

Red Cross dog calling aid Britain in 1916

Fire 6th Ave. & 18th, 1916

Fire 6th Ave. & 18th, 1916

Strikes; street railways New York Stopped car on 86th St. and 6th Ave. 1916 

Charlie Chaplin,1917

La Fuente (Marcel Duchamp 1917) By Alfred Stieglitz 1917

Place Royale, Reims, France 1917 

Ada Tingley, a hunter in Idaho 1917

Navy Physical 1917

Camp cooks. Somewhere around DC  1917




A Caravan of Camels on the Mount of Olives near Jerusalem in 1918

Nurses treating a victim of the 1918 Flu Pandemic

Examination 1918



Start of Auto Race in 1918

Ted Shawn 1919

Ted Shawn dance students 1919

Ralph E. Madsen, the tall cowboy at Capitol, shaking hands with Senator Morris Sheppard 1919

Swiss gymnasts, E Thiele, P Schneeberger and J. Karli 1919



Miner rescuer

 German Protection against gas bombs

Boston Garter by J.C Leyendecker, c. 1911

 Man operating water tricycle

Arkansas ship

Dr. Elizabeth Bruyn, sitting in the back of a horse drawn ambulance

Judge Quentin D. Corley


Taxicab strike New York

Roy Repp Popping a Wheelie in his Buick

Auto polo

Newspaper seller, London

French Army Ambulance

Operating Ambulance, France

German Hosp. R.R. car

X Ray in French Hospital

Bombed hospital

Dead German Between Villeroy & Neufmontiers

Political execution Mexico

Weary and wounded rebels, Lerdo

Dead in streets, Mexico City

Two hobos walking along railroad tracks, after being put off a train

Buick roadster waits for horse drawn wagon to pass on narrow country road above Liberty, N.Y.

Amalfi, Italia

Picture of Jul 4th.

Lt. Scott's Aero Bomb

Balloon at Wannamakers

ZR 1 leaving hangar

U.s. Weather Bureau. Kiosque


London Bridge, London

French searchlight for aircraft

Belgian Army pigeons

Marines and radio

Prison Camp, Irkutsk

Kaiser inspecting troops

Italian Motor Cycle Squad

Image of Watching series game from rooftops

5th Ave. bus, showing New York City Mass Transit of the 1910's

London motor bus

Old pictures
Climbing down bokor
Savage america

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