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27 de septiembre de 2012

10's vintage


British man posing with dog and rifle, Bangalore, India, circa 1910

 1910 Emiliano Zapata

Man wearing some sort of pedal skates 1910

Costumed rollerskater, 1910

Fighting Jack Perry in Springfield, Ohio  1910

New York City Rat Catcher from the 1910's. He is pictured holding two ferrets which he uses to hunt down Rats. Rat Catchers were an important part of crowded cities at the time, as rats carried and spread disease

Cowboy looking out on the open range 1010s

Fire patrol of our forestry service  1910s

Le Traitant du Cayor  1910s 

Dead German Artilleryman in World War I 1910s

Pioneering race car driver Bob Burman 1910s

Paul Bunyan  1910s

Reading in bed 1910s

Sarajevo soldier 1910s

The Great Sphinx with Camel Rider. Giza by  Rudolf Lehnert & Franz Landrock 1910s

Kitchen of 1010's by Harris and Ewing

 Store in Riobamba Ecuador 1910 

Detroit, Michigan  1910

 Automobile Portrait of Chauffer and Passenger, Greece 1910s

Rudolf Lehnert. Tunisia  1910. 

Dog sled team 1910s

Dog sled team 1910s

Union Station Under Constructionby Harris and Ewing 1910s


Mailmen On Scooters 1910s by Harris and Ewing

Goat Team 1910s by Harris and Ewing

Native American Tipis 1910

New York Shoeshine Boys used to be called Bootblacks 1910  

German submarine U20, on Danish coast  1910

Indians Redwater and Group 1910 by Harris & Ewing

A group of porters carrying trunks in Bolivia 1910s

Three old dump trucks 1910s

Grain Vender, Market, Jerusalem 1910's

The vessel hit a reef near Alaska 1910s

Battered striker with policemen, Philadelphia 1910s