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26 de septiembre de 2012

Harris & Ewing

Farmer's Market by Harris and Ewing 1937
Harris and Ewing
 Matrimonio de fotografos comerciales formado por George W. Harris y Martha Ewing con base en la capital norteamericana y cuya intencion radicó en crear un estudio fotografico a nivel mundial
Greyhound Bus by Harris and Ewing 1938
Marriage commercial photographers made ​​by George W. Harris and Martha Ewing based on the U.S. capital and whose intention is to create a photography studio in the world
Streamlined Street Car by Harris and Ewing 1938
Greyhound Bus by Harris and Ewing 1938
Locomotives on bridge by Harris and Ewing 1938
Man Raising Chickens by Harris and Ewing 1938
Picture of Edsel Ford 1938
Photograph of Secret Service, Bank Vault 1938
Alarm System of the Treasury Dept.  1938
Ticker Tape, Archie Lockhead 1939
An early Gyrocopter 1939

Mullany's Saloon in 1913

Trolly Car; District of Columbia; Traffic. Stop and Go Signs in 1913

Dead Horses in Street from Great Dayton Flood. Dayton, Ohio. Flood Scenes in 1913

National Guard of D.C. Recruiting Station and Exhibit in 1914

Black Janitors. Capitol, U.S. Cleaning Interior in 1914

Slum in 1914

Egg Packaging in 1915

Taxidermist in 1916

Brooklyn Daily Eagle in 1916

Railway Car in 1916

Steam Shovels; Downtown Construction between 1916 and 1919

Baby Indians in 1916

USS Franklin in 1916

Old General Store 1917 or 1918

Railroad Car Interior in 1917

Botanical Gardens 1917 or 1918

Census Counting Machine in 1917

Chesapeake & Ohio Canal. Canal Boat in 1917

Hospital Car in 1917

Red Cross Emergency Ambulance Station Garage, 16th Street, D.C. in 1917

Vintage Truck. Leaving German Embassy in 1917

Blind Man Bowling in 1918

Loading Wagons 1917 or 1918

Railroad Administration. Consolidated Ticket Offices, 13th and f Streets, N.W. in 1918

District of Columbia Street Car Traffic in 1918

Census Counting Machine in 1919

Census Bureau. Department of Commerce. Tabulating Machine. This was an early mechanical version of a digital computer in 1919

Jail Cell; District of Columbia in 1919

Buchholz Gus Int. Hotel. Interior

Georgetown Basketball

Georgetown Prep Baseball Team

Old X-Ray Machine

 Crow Indian Group

 Crow Indian

Quantico Post Exchange

Dulin & Martin Co. Game Table

Marcel Beauty Shop

Old Dutch Market Bakery

Pluym, Robert

Document Room, House of Representatives 1940


Roberts Beauty Shop

Schneider Electric Store

Senate Subway

Train Car Interior

Washington Auto Exchange

Fu, Tsai, Prince. Group

Georgetown Basketball

Huge Bug

Navy League of U.S. Sewing Kit

Old Store Interior, the Quantico Post Exchange