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8 de enero de 2016


Richard Bennett, popular physique model in the 1960’s

1960s color tvs

1960 Snow cat, Jasper, Alberta, 1960.

Rug Washers in Tehran, Iran, 1960

Coffee Shop in Wildwood, New Jersey, 1960s

Gatlinburg, Tennessee, 1960s

Air force one 1961

Alain Delon In Tokyo, 1963

The beatles in Spain 1965

Metro Madrid Spain 1965


Haus-Rucker, Mind Expander, 1967

Ronald E Sayers 1967

Worker receiving mouth-to-mouth after being electrocuted. He survived. 1967

Producer Kevin McClory and his family in the amphicar 1967

Rennie Ellis Union jack lorne c. 1968

french atomic bomb explosion. 1968

David E Lyman 1969

A guy watching football game on television with dad. NYC 1969

James Dean

Bud Savage by Champion Studio.