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30 de enero de 2012


Vintage and views

North side of Chestnut Street, below Second Street, Philadelphia 1842 by William G Mason

From No.46 to No.52, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1843 by William G.Mason

Editorial staff of the New York Tribune 1844 

San Francisco harbor 1850

Portsmouth Square, San Francisco, California 1851

Niagara Falls 1853

A Starving Federal prisoner 1860s

Army Medical Museum 1860s

Embalming surgeon at work on soldier's body 1860s

The execution of  William Johnson, Jordan's farm. William was a negro soldier. He was accused of dessertion. Petersburg, Virginia 1864



1888. Pancrazio Bucini at 24

Street car, Washington, D.C. 1890.


1898, Columbia University football players

Shoe store, Richmond Virginia 1899

1900  Tame reindeer

1900s Anchorage Clothing Store

1900s Fairbanks Alaska

1900s Cutting up a blue whale

1900s Horses pulling a tent

1900s Avalanche of snow across railroad tracks

1900s Bonanza Copper Mine

Columbus, N.M. Post Office shortly after the Pancho Villa Raid of the city. It was the only foreign invasion of the United states homeland in the 1900's.

1900s Photo of Hudson Bay Indians

1900s Street dress, Mohammedan woman, India

1903 First flight Wright Brother’s on the north side of Kill Devil Hill, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

Duelling 1904
1905 Navajos by Gerhard Sisters
A Polish emigrant boarding ship at Ellis Island 1907 
Interior of People's Drug Store, 7th and E Streets, Washington, D.C., with soda fountain 1909
Crowd awaiting survivors from the Titanic 1912
 1914 Wrangell Alaska
Life on the plains 1915 by William J. Carpenter
 1916 July 4th parade on Front Street in Nome Alaska

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